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Reynolds Wrap Everyday Strength Aluminum Foil, 75 Square Feet


Product details

  • Can withstand both hot and cold foods
  • Made from 98.5% aluminum with the balance made up of iron and silicon
  • Greater strength and puncture resistance
    • 75 Square Foot Aluminum Roll—This package contains one Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil roll measuring 75 feet long by 12 inches wide (75 square feet total
    • Locks In Flavor—Use this versatile kitchen foil to cook packet meals, tent roasted meats, cover casseroles, protect leftovers from freezer burn & more
    • Built-In Easy Tear Edge—Get the right size piece of baking foil every time with the Easy Tear Edge, built right into the package for convenience
    • Covers, Packages & Stores—Whether you’re covering pans to avoid messy splatters, wrapping food in a packet for maximum flavor & texture, or simply storing leftovers, Reynolds cooking foil does it all


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