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How It Works

What does Keglio have over other wholesalers?

We do ALL the legwork for you.
Spend less time searching and
more time deciding.


Matching products – we do a side by anyalsis of EVERY SINGLE product listed to ensure that it matches the details on the Amazon page. In fact, we have the vendors double check the listings for potential errors and confirm that items are 100% match to amazon.

Loads of pertinent details shared with you in one easily digestible format

Deal with one source that can supply you consistently with good deals that will generate income.

Save more with bulk order discounts available on many items


We consolidate inventory from 400+ partner warehouses around the US with more joining rapidly.

18,500+ deals. 46,000,000+ units available via our online catalog.

100’s of categories & brands. $160,000,000+ of inventory available to purchase.

List of 2000+ items under #100,000 on amazon steadily available.

Multiple browsing methods and filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Warehouse rules built into the ordering process to avoid confusion. Every warehouse and vendor sets up different rules. We’ve built all that into the calculations so that you can browse one uniform system.

Streamlined system with multiple payment options.

Ship products straight to FBA and avoid costly transfers!

We have dedicated teams handling your order to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.

Well documented guides & information to help you understand the ordering system.


Our team has processed 6,000+ orders and counting!

Our CEO, Jack Sasson, has 10+ years of experience in the wholesale industry.

Knowledgeble staff and guides that can help you with any issue.

Keglio has been in operation since 2016.


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